These Free Recycle Options are not necessarily endorsed by eWasteSF but were 
provided from local search engines for your convenience


Small Batteries    Any Walgreens

Smoke Alarms   Drop Off Locator

Thermostats    Drop Off Locator 

Toner        Contact the following manufactures:           




Hewlett Packard/ HP   (866) 838 8623  

Dell   Any Staples Stores    



Misc. Electronics      Appliances and electronics/ stereos, speakers, fans, heaters  etc–
                                    Goodwill (415) 826-5759

Light Bulbs including Florescent  City Lights  (415) 863-2020


Computer Recycling/ Apple Recycle Program

All computers, servers and switches are free to recycle at ewasteSF.  We have an Apple Recycle Program at ewasteSF where we recycle all Apple devices and computers and recycle at no charge. All data is destroyed in the recycle process. Our Apple Recycle Program works along side our Apple Refurbish Program. We have a department that only refurbishes Apple Computers for re-sale/ re-use. Regardless of the condition of the computer or Apple device, the hard drive or data holding component is destroyed or wiped.