Electronics Drop Off & Shredding Center

All Data Destroyed, Receipts Available
No Appointment Needed 

2915 16th St., San Francisco, CA 94103.    
Open 9am - 5pm daily

Street parking is available on 16th St. 
Call 415.483.6868 if you need assistance off-loading.


All Electronics, Appliances & Misc Junk
Are Accepted for Recycling

Incl. Styrofoam, Cardboard, Paints,
Aluminum Cans are Accepted for Free


Electronics, Appliances, Misc. Junk
Wires, Monitors, Kitchen Appliances, Batteries 
Cell Ph, Tablets, Printers, Tools, Gaming, TVs
Vacuum, Stereo Equip. Heaters, Recharg. Batteries, 
Tapes, VCR, 
Lights, Fans, Toner, Indoor, HVAC 
Any and All Plastics, Plumbing, Auto Parts


Desktop, Laptop Computers, Servers 
(Free Drop Off



Florescent Bulbs
$5 ea.

Small Batteries


Smoke Alarms/

 $15 ea.

Paint, Water Based


Paint, Latex, Oil Based, Unmarked Paint Cans

Styrofoam, Cardboard (Please Breakdown)


Aluminum Cans
Free Drop Off 


   Viewable Data Destruction
  & Paper Shredding

         Paper Shredding $5/lb.

  •    Hard Drive Grinding $10 ea.

  •    SSD, Flash Drive Pulverising $10
       (to sand-size particles)
       CD, Tape Grinding $5 ea.

  •    Empty Prescription Bottle $1 ea.
       (by grinding)   

   Recycling Apple Devices

If functional please wipe your device & remove iCloud passwords 

How to wipe iPhone/Tablet

How to wipe Apple Computer

How to wipe PC Computer

All devices that don't power on
are destroyed by grinding 

Pay Cash, Check, Debit, or Credit Accepted